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The Principal
St. Thomas’ College – Matale

With the very inception of St Thomas college matale in 1873 with 76 boys and 12 girls, has now grown in to the leading boys school in matale. The intake of students is only thought the grade 5 scholars and all the subject sreams of A/L in Sinhala and English mediums are available with all the human and physical resourses. 121 teachers serve with fallest commitment to upgrade the school. Academically and 26 non academic staff give their fallest corperation in this worthy cause.
A gradual development can be seen is O/L and A/L results of this prestigious school and grabbing the 19th national level is O/L results highly appreciable. A/L thomians grab higher districts ranks in all streams and island 1st rank at technology stream in is another historical achievement.
It was a great success that we have punished the O/L support seminas by now and to improve the A/L exams sminas, workshops, field trips, subject quality circles are being done
Every year we meet all the parents gradewise for 3 times in order to upgrade the result thought face to face discussions.
Not only academic achivements but extras curricular achivements are also in many fields throught the year creating balanced personalaties. School bears a heavy expenditure on these. The available sports are athletics, hockey, rugger, handball cricket, softball cricket, volleyballs, chess table tennis, swimming in addition to these, cadetting, st johns ambulance brigade, redcross, environmental brigade, debating teams(English, Sinhala) new inventors’ club, philatelic club, media club, Buddhist society, Christian society, Islamic society, library society, photographers’ club, astrology club, are other extras curricular activities.
2019 is an year in which the cadets excelled in their activities. 4 platoons participated in all island selection camps.
Junior cadets camp:
Junior cadet platoon was formed in 2018 and in 2019 they participated in VIIth assessment camp and was placed the 3rd place. At the all island junior camps participating for the 1st time it was placed the 16th among 40 platoons.
All island eastern band camp:
Ours is the one and only western band represents 13th regiment. Their 1st participation was in 2019 the eastern cadet band of our school grabbed the 1st place in music and won the W.B. malculoluws champions trophy playing the 3rd in over all making the highest for the history.
Hermon loos camp:
Winning at the 13th national assessment camp the platoon participated the hermon loos and grabbed. The 6th place it is a land mark in the college history. among the 29 regiment sergent majors, Malinga Bandara of our school was placed the 1st bringing a great honour to the school.

Cricket:Under 19 cricket team playing in division it was able to come up to the quarters finals in 2016. Softball cricket team grabbed the championship at central province games 2019.
Hockey:At all the island under 18 tournament ours was placed the 2nd runner up, under 20 central province second runner up, under 20 all island second runner up. To place from our school participated 18 international hockey tournament in Bangladesh. In under 21 junior national team 6 players participated from our school

St. Thomas' College
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